Come on over to SAFE HQ

Our head office is 23 Tudor Lane but you don’t have to live in Cardiff to help out the office. Some of our volunteers work for us from home or attend ‘hubs’, working with other volunteers from coffee shops and community spaces. You can join one of our teams that work in Admin, PR and Comms, Trade, Training or Fundraising. 

Come on over to our Ethical Store

We have a shop in Cardiff that isn't just any ordinary charity shop. Sure, you can help in the shop - sorting, selling, chatting and merchandising - but we also close the shop once a month to deliver to our customers exciting workshops and talks on how to live more sustainably. We also have a 'fixing' session there once a month where people can bring in their household items that are broken and we teach people how to make basic repairs.

Come on the road with us

We like to get out to the festivals in the summer - face painting, spreading awareness and doing loads of other fun things. We are always looking for people who like the festival life style and who also creative and energetic too. If you have some time off in the summer then this could be the opportunity for you. 

Fancy any of these? Then why don't you express your interest here and we will get in touch for an informal chat.