Our volunteers:

I can’t even express in words how life-changing and amazing this experience was for me and for all the volunteers, NFPO partners, the school, teachers and the children have become our Cambodian family and Hannah has been so supportive throughout the whole journey, thank you so much for this rewarding opportunity, it was truly unforgettable!" - Duygu, international volunteer;Cambodia 

“I work full time as a front line police officer. I am however extremely fortunate in my free time to be involved with The SAFE Foundation as a volunteer. I was given the opportunity to help lead a project, taking a group of vulnerable Young People out to Uganda. The project was both inspiring and life changing for all involved. It was a humbling; witnessing the young people from Cardiff work alongside and help educate the community in Uganda, running workshops in both social enterprise and baking along with helping to build a clay oven on a working community farm. Watching everyone develop in communication and confidence is something that will stay with me forever. I feel very blessed to be a part of the SAFE family.” -  Sam, South Wales Police.

Our beneficiaries: 

“It’s great to feel like I'm developing, learning and gaining valuable experience for the career I want. Anyone who knows me will know how much SAFE means to me and how grateful I am.’ -  Sadie, Trustee and Peer Mentor.

Listen to one of our amazing UK beneficiaries Jake talk about his SAFE journey....

John, 22, Felindre -  “we live in a big connected community, global citizenship training is trying to make people feel that. The idea that there are more connections between your world and another one in the sense that first world and third world than you ever thought. The training is relevant in the sense of globalisation, learning about refugees or how different products come to this country, these things affect us every day.“

Kieran, 24, Neath – “Learning more about the world around you, opens your eyes to more things”

Shannon, 20, Swansea  “its given me more of a drive to want to help people, its given me a more mature perspective on the world” “if you become more knowlegable about the world, on a personal level it could give you the opportunity to travel. It’s a thing that a lot of people might want to do but not realise the opportunities available to them or have the confidence.”

Our supporters:

“The SAFE Foundation are a charity that are able to speak directly to the Young people of Cardiff in a way that we haven’t really seen before and - importantly - engage them in opportunities that they otherwise wouldn't have had.They are offering more ways to do something positive for the world in these tough times.” - Caro Wild, Labour Councillor for Riverside

“The SAFE Foundation continues to make a huge and unique impact on people's lives here in the UK and across the world. I am most familiar with their wonderful work in Uganda involving NEET young people from South Wales in a project developing Clay Ovens for community enterprise in rural Tororo and supporting the local crafts industry with dignity and respect.” - Jane Hutt AM Welsh Assembly Government and Trustee of The Vale for Africa

“The SAFE Foundation continued to do incredible work. My father accompanied them to Uganda where they taught entrepreneurial skills to locals as well as a group of welsh adolescents. Hannah Fitt and her team tirelessly strive to better the lives of those they can and they do so with open and generous hearts and minds.” -  Erin Richards, Actress - Gotham

Our partners

And this is Gabriel from our fantastic Indian partner WCDT

We surveyed all of our volunteers and asked them to give us one word that sums up The SAFE Foundation for them.....the word that came up the most? 


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