Managing Director
Hannah Fitt

Hi! Im Hannah - I am one of the founders of SAFE and I'm now the Managing Director so handle all of the operational side of the charity. Im passionate about people and helping them reach their potential. 

Things I like: Eating, sleeping, creating.    

Things I don't like: Not eating, not sleeping, sprouts. 

Random fact: I am so random....picking one is tough - Ive sung Incy Wincy Spider on a bilingual children's nursery rhyme CD....Thats quite random.

Finance Director
Caz Clark

Hey - Im Caz. I was one of the founding trustees of SAFE and now the finance director - so play with the numbers. I also sort the festivals and outreach events so get to take SAFE on the road. 

Things I like: Surfing, growing my own food, everything sustainable.    

Things I don't like: Spicy food, Inequality, Winter. 

Random Fact: I love Michael Jackson!

Volunteer Coordinator
Siân Powell

Hi I'm Sian, volunteer coordinator.
As well as working with our brilliant volunteers in other ways, I support the Barista Project; giving young people an opportunity to learn about the world while also learning to make a mean cup of coffee, and raise funds for our projects. I also run Hapus Training, a mental health organisation. I'm passionate to the point of boring about positive mental health and how happiness and well being comes from us all helping each other idea The Safe Foundation totally embodies which makes me very happy

Things I like: camping, fires on the beach, eating with friends, laughing and my kids 

Things I don't like: contempt, prejudice, and cooked carrots 

Random Fact: I am a secret swot, I was deputy head girl in school 

Social Media Coordinator
Tess Lhermitte-Russell


Hello! I'm Tess, Tessy or Testicles but never Theresa! I have been involved with SAFE since I was 14 so that's a lot of festivals, face painting and fun times. I'm super excited to be back and working with the SAFE family. 

Things I like: adventures to new places, long walks with my dog & gin & tonic (preferably Hendrix with cucumber if you're buying)
Things I don't like: the sound of someone opening soft drink cans, trifle and glacier cherries 
Random fact: I speak French, so if you want to learn any swear words hit me up!

Ethical Boutique Manager
Hannah Canning

Hi! Im Hannah. Ive been involved in SAFE since it was first thought up - but was also involved as a trustee in running the pre-cursor to SAFE which was the Juniper Orphan Fund with Hannah and Lucy. I immersed myself in the alternative food and drink industry for years but now I’ve jumped in with the Safe Foundation. I run the Ethical Boutique, so I get to be creative in the shop and co-ordinate volunteers.

Likes: Asian cooking, festivals, gigs/live music.

Dislikes: Passwords, loafers (particularly with no socks!), reality TV.

Random fact: I mitched off school when I was 16 and went to Birmingham to see the Beastie Boys (tut tut...Wicked though!)

Team SAFE - Trustees

Chair - Dicko

Hello, I’m Dicko ( no one ever calls me Mark!) and I’m the Chair of the Trustees. I’ve been unofficially involved in SAFE from the very start and became an official trustee about six years ago.

I provide oversight of the running of SAFE and help make strategic decisions and I also get roped in for anything “buildy” needed. I try and go on at least one overseas project trip a year.

I like music, travel and festivals.

I don’t like the 9 – 5, sliced bread, getting up late.

Random Fact - I played my first festival DJ set when I was 62

Secretary - Amy Cuff

Hi I'm Amy.

I am a Trustee and have been involved with The SAFE Foundation for the past 5 years. I have organised fundraising activities, made promotional films and visited a SAFE-funded project in India.

In my day job, I am the Digital Communications and Campaigns Officer at the anti-human trafficking organisation 'STOP THE TRAFFIK'. My background is in media and I worked at the BBC for many years.

Things I like: Old movies, charity shops, The SAFE Foundation.

Things I don't like: Talking about things I don't like, green tea.

Random fact: I once bumped into Kevin Costner in a museum.

Treasurer - Rae Luxton

Hello I’m Rae.

I have been a trustee for Safe for around 10 years now :) By day I work in the boring world of financial services! As a trustee I offer my support & guidance when making decisions on projects and important Safe matters. Plus I love a good party, so you will often see me at our fundraising events.

Likes:Cheese, Wine, Keeping fit (to burn off the above!)

Dislikes: Plastic waste ruining the planet earth, My feet

Random Fact: I once went to hospital for a toe operation and did a runner just before I was about to go under the knife.

Sadie Pulman

Hey I’m Sadie and I have a background in education and sports coaching and now work in finance (random right?). I have been involved with SAFE since 2013 and I’m lucky enough to been on projects in Sierra Leone, India and Swaziland before being selected as trustee! I am now a beneficiary Trustee which means i get to help run the charity in the best way with an amazing group of people. 

I like: Taking selfies with my dog; Rugby (watching not playing.. I am very delicate); Singing both parts of duets by myself but in different voices 

I dont like: Feet; When a spider moves in to my room but doesn’t pay rent; When people try and tell me how many calories are in my food

Random fact: I have competed in a number of Beauty Pageants and my biggest achievement throughout was winning the Spirit of Miss Wales award at Miss Wales 2015 for my positive attitude and contributions to my community. My prize included a 4 day empowerment seminar with Tony Robbins where I took part in a fire walk!

Annie Hawkins

Hi – I'm Annie and I am a Solicitor. I have been close friends with the MD, Hannah since we were 8 years old.

I have been a supporter of SAFE for many years and had always wanted to do more with the charity but felt restricted by the distance as I am not based in Wales. I am thrilled to be a Trustee and hope my skill set can contribute to the charity, its projects and aid those who don't have the means to access rights and resources some of us take for granted. I am also hoping a little bit of SAFE's inspiration and motivational empowerment rubs off on me!

I like: being super organised and making lists, sleeping, cocktails.

I don't like: messiness, theme park rides, any kind of cruelty.

Random fact: I love animals and encourage my children to have pets of their own……but I have a habit of not telling my husband about them until the day they move in with us …we are currently on pet number 8 that he didn't know about !!

Spencer Grennan

Hi, I’m Spencer, I first got to know SAFE when I participated in a global citizenship workshop in 2014, I would begin to get involved as an volunteer at the office to eventually get the chance to volunteer on an international project in Uganda, 2016. I’ve also ran a sponsored Cardiff Half-Marathon for SAFE in 2018. It’s also an honour to be a part of the SAFE family who provided me with moral support through difficult situations.

Likes: Comedy, volunteering and learning something new

Dislikes: BS, feeling unfulfilled and blisters! (Ouch, I can still feel the effects of BigCityLittleCity Challenge 2017)

Random fact: I once had the chance to meet British astronaut Major Tim Peake, who spoke about the smell of Space being petrol and rhubarb!

Team SAFE - Consultants

Grants Consultant - Jon Matthews

Hi! im Jon, I run Funding Eye a company providing support to voluntary organisation to help them grow and secure funding. I have a background in rural economics and prior to working in the third sector I worked for the forestry commission in South Wales I help SAFE to secure funding for the excellent work they deliver in the UK and overseas

I like: Minis - i've owend 6 since I passed my test; Animals - owning 7 alpacas , 2 dogs,2 cats plus chickens, ducks and rabbits;  Climbing

I don't like.. Cheese; Any kind of public speaking; People who don't listen to others

Random fact: I spent christmas day in Nepal riding an elephant and white water rafting

PR and Marketing Consultant - Abbey Moses

Hi, I'm Abbey and I am the Director of Cardiff-based digital marketing agency; Ivy Marketing. I thoroughly enjoy working with SAFE to help them spread the word of the wonderful projects they are working on both here in the UK and overseas. They've also always got chocolate and biscuits on the go; what's not to love? 

I like - Cats

I don't like - People who don't like cats

Random fact -  I once interviewed Henry Winkler aka 'The Fonz', who also likes cats!

Photographer - Dan Green

Hi - I'm Dan - photographer at and director of Mighty Atom. Ive documented all of SAFE'S international projects and have also worked with the beneficiaries to create murals to reflect the spirit of the communities that they live in. Ive been able to bring a little bit of these pieces of art into The Ethical Boutique shop in Cardiff too. 

Things I Like: People's unique laughs, riding my bike and rhubarb crumble

Things I Don't Like: Automated phone calls, diving in football and geese

Fun Fact: I love Paul Simon