The background

Sierra Leone has been ravaged by civil war, natural disasters and epidemics in its recent history and have left thousands of families and children affected by the devastation these have caused. Many of the children in this area are orphans and have experienced unbearable horrors. We work in the Hastings and Waterloo areas.

The programme

We work with Kankaylay Islamic School to deliver a programme of education to the children that focuses on increasing confidence, empathy and decision making as well as highlighting gender equality, HIV and AIDS awareness and nutritional health. We also run a teacher training course so that teachers can identify children who are struggling with issues that could affect their ability to engage in their education and their communities. 

Our impact

We have delivered education to over 1000 pupils

We have engaged 50 orphans who were not in school into education

We have made vital improvements to the school following the mudslides in 2016

We have trained 20 teachers in life skills projects

We have supplied school benches, materials and educational support packages to 25 of the most vulnerable children.

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