Global Education (sometimes called Global Citizenship) is happening but young people have access to this learning if they are in school, college or university. Arguably the young people that would benefit from this learning the most are the young people that aren't engaging in education.

With the help of partners and youth focused services, we provide a peer led, interactive course on world issues that affect us all. 

We look at issues like immigration, the media, poverty, cultural sensitivity, consumerism and discrimination. 

Whilst the young people are doing this course we also help them to learn numeracy and literacy skills, decision making, project management skills and build confidence and empathy with the intention of moving them into other volunteering, education and work experiences.

And we do it by having a great time and getting young people to find their spark, their talent and their passion.


This part of our work is funded by the amazing people at The Big Lottery People and Places Fund and its this funding that enables us to help hundreds of young people in the UK. Thanks guys! 

If you are an organisation that is interested in booking a course for your young people or if you are an individual that wants to participate then click here make an enquiry and one of the team will get back to you.