Children and Young people

Children and young people are always going to be some of the most vulnerable members of their community. We are clear about helping children get access to education and play so that they will have the best chance of a bright future. 


We are not only dedicated to the education of children living in poverty and deprivation, but adults too. Education is vital if we are to build a safe, positive future. Knowledge is power. 


Everyone deserves access to services to keep themselves healthy without fear of being judged or discriminated against - which sadly is still not necessarily the case. We are committed helping those at risk get treatment, advice and knowledge about their health in a safe environment.  

Sustainable futures

All of our projects build capacity and structure into the communities so that whatever we deliver will last for generations to come and not just be a quick fix solution. 

Environmental impact

With all of our programmes we embed knowledge and information about how to look after our environment so that the communities we support can live in balance with the world around them.