In the Spring of 2018 we launched our first Ethical Boutique at 31 Whitchurch Road, Cardiff. 

We have always wanted to have a shop front but after years of teaching and learning about ethical consumerism and the way we shop - and who it affects - we knew that now was the time. 

Our boutique sells vintage, upcycled clothes and donations and homewares and isn't your typical charity shop. We have the cool factor (or at least, thats what we are telling ourselves). You can see some of the amazing pieces we have on sale on our website shop!

But - we really wanted to push the boundaries and go further than that and so once a month we close our shop to run a workshop designed to deliver important information and awareness about how we can reduce our impact on the world and also be more aware of who is being affected or exploited along the consumer chain. 

We are also closing once a month to run fixing workshops - so that people can bring things in that need minor repairs and our experts will show you how to fix it up yourself - rather than throwing it away to landfill. 

We are always taking your donations of quality and vintage clothing and homewares - we can't take electrical at the moment but watch this space. 

Come down and see us or check out our eBay or DEPOP shops by clicking the images below: