Tribal people in the jungle region of Tamil Nadu have been displaced over many years and have lost many of their traditional rights. The SAFE Foundation have been working with out partner organisation MYWA to improve the quality of life for tribal people who are suffering the effects of rights abuses and displacement issues.

The Programme

We deliver mainstream and non-mainstream education to the whole community. 

We help the local teachers to deliver basic literacy and numeracy to the children as well as design and delivering a holistic model of education where the whole community can learn about nutritional health, gender equality, environmental sustainability, sexual health and life skills.

We help to increase access to safe water by funding and delivering wells as well as inform the local community about water sanitation and preservation. 

We also help to teach the community about environmental conservation, man animal conflict and global education.

Our Impact

We fund the salaries of three teachers who increase access to education to over 300 children in the area

We have created access to clean water to four villages and over 4000 people by creating safe wells. 

We have delivered our education programme to over 150 children

We have increased access to computers and IT equipment to 100 children in one village school

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