The background

The Dalits are a community of people who were traditionally called Untouchables in Indian society. As the name suggests they have been excluded from opportunities to engage with other sections of Indian society, going as far as being prevented from any contact at all.

They have suffered the consequences of extreme negative public opinion since the caste system was established. Gypsy Dalits have therefore found it difficult to integrate yet alone find jobs or receive education.

SAFE have been working with our partners WCDT to address the poverty issues that gyspy dalits in Mugaiyur have subsequently faced by helping them get an education, learn skills and receive health screening. 

The programme

We deliver mainstream and non-mainstream education to the whole community. 

We help the local teachers to deliver basic literacy and numeracy to the children as well as design and delivering a holistic model of education where the whole community can learn about nutritional health, gender equality, environmental sustainability, sexual health and life skills.

We help the most vulnerable in the community build skills such as craft making and agricultural skills to help them generate an income.

We are providing a skills and education centre where many more vulnerable community members can access basic skills, education and health screening. This will help us to assist many more people in the area access our programme as well as raise awareness to the wider community about the issues and rights the Gypsy Dalit population face. 

Our impact

40 families have received training in our non-mainstream curriculum

Increase basic schooling to over 55 children in the area

Help to increase health screening to 10 schools in the area 

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