The SAFE Foundation has been officially running as a charity since 2007. 

We run global citizenship workshops with businesses and young people - these interactive workshops challenge midgets and perceptions around poverty, climate change, the media and consumerism amongst other things. The course digs in to our unconscious biases and builds new perceptions based on facts rather than assumptions.

At our most recent "Responsible Consumerism" session 100% of participants from aged Caephilly Youth forum said they were left more confident in how they could make a difference through their consumer choices! 

Our course can be tailored to suit participants from corporate clients to young unemployed or school classes - we love the different perspective that we get every time we run the course.

Our Ethical Boutique charity shop in Whitchurch Cardiff opened in April 2018 and is a place where we can put our words into action and provide a sustainable shopping choice to the community of South Wales.

*To find out more about Global Education training, click HERE.