I'm Sergio and I will be taking part in The SAFE Foundation trip to Sierra Leone in 2020 where we will be working in a primary school with children who have been affected by poverty and disaster.
Having had difficulty in school I'd never thought I would have the opportunity to do something like this, but know that I want to help people, particularly children living in poverty in Africa.
I always thought that I would never leave Cardiff that I would find a job locally and that would be it. However, this opportunity is hopefully going to change my life. I am excited to help others while learning more about myself. I am looking forward to the excitement of not knowing what to expect and to embrace all the challenges I will face.
I want to help others and I want to look at myself in the mirror and be able to say "I did that" and be proud of my achievements (and admire my tan).
I am excited to be part of a team where I'm out of my comfort zone and everyday will be different.
I enjoyed watching the videos and hearing the stories from previous volunteers and the delight on the children’s faces who we will be working for. I feel this experience would give the children in Sierra Leone knowledge and skills, whilst also helping me develop so that I can use the experience to help me to find employment when I get home.
Please support me on this journey - thank you so much!


Sergio Cable