Hello and thanks for visiting our fundraising page! Nikki's talked me into this challenge and we are aiming to RUN the 100 miles in a month! Fingers crossed we won't need to crawl and walk!! We'd both love to raise a few quid for our favourite charity too. Here's why...
The SAFE foundation is an incredible charity, not least because ALL of the money raised goes directly to those who need it. It's committed to improving the lives of some of the poorest people and communities in the world. With a variety of projects taking place in the UK and overseas, their mission is to build a fairer, brighter and peaceful future for the world. I know that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us are facing difficulties, and even trying to fundraise feels like a big ask. So over to Hannah Fitt (SAFE managing director) to explain why it's so important...
"I know we are going through one of the hardest things that we will face. Days filled with anxiety, frustration and anger. Some of us have been directly affected with grief and loss; Some of us are terrified for the health of our families and some of us are frightened about uncertain livelihoods or the loss of income. There is no doubt it’s tough and I don’t want to diminish these valid and important things. What I do want to do is tell you that this is life ALL the time for the people that live in our projects. But worse. So much worse. The constant feelings of grief and loss and uncertainty go hand in hand with constant hunger, constant thirst, constant fear and constant discrimination.
For most of us this pandemic means four or five months of a shift in lifestyle (which does include moments of bliss too with tighter communities and a slower pace of life) but for people living in poverty in developing countries every minute of every day is hard. Living with the constant threat (or symptoms) of so so many diseases like malaria, typhoid, cholera, HIV/AIDS, Ebola and now of course, Covid 19.
This should not make you feel guilty. This should make you feel lucky and grateful and also able. Able to help, able to even slightly begin to understand the hardship that our international brothers and sisters face. So, let’s all keep an eye on our nearest and dearest but please, please don’t forget about the people who will continue to be most affected by this because of the injustices of poverty and discrimination."

Even the smallest amount will make a big difference, it would be amazing if you could donate. Thank you!

Georgia Paterson