Im Tina and I will be taking part in The SAFE Foundation trip to Sierra Leone in 2020 where we will be working in a primary school with children who have been affected by poverty and disaster.
I Came from a background where I left school with no GCSE. I have now gone on to complete my degree in youth and community. I now work in a young persons hostel and we have had this amazing opportunity to be apart of the next trip to sierra Leone. I have never had the opportunity to do something like this - but know that I want to help people, particularly children living in poverty in Africa.
it would help me development my confidence, team building and leaning in skills and also just experiencing a different way of life and feel that I'm giving back . I feel this experience would give the children in Sierra Leone knowledge and skills, whilst also helping me develop so that I can use the experience to help me develop in my career and my passion to help and support others when I get home.
Please support me on this journey - thank you so much!
Tina Tina Hendrickson