June 3rd will be Our birthday and its the time of year when I ask all of my amazing friends to support the SAFE Foundation!
Last year (2020) was a big year - and I had finally plucked up the courage to have a party - or at least acknowledge our birthday - something that I haven't done since losing Lucy in 2012. But alas! Covid had other ideas - and a party with you lovely lot was not to be.
But what was amazing about last year was all the unbelievable love and support I felt around me on our birthday - something I will never take for granted. I genuinely say thank you every day for all the generous and open-hearted people that I am lucky enough to know.
This year as some of you may know - I have stepped down from running SAFE to stretch myself a bit - and I have left it in the capable and trusted hands of the amazing team and incoming MD, Leah Rodrigues. However, I am still involved on the board - and in my heart. This was something me and Lucy did together - and it will always be more than just a charity to me and so many - its a heartbeat and a family.
As you can imagine - this year has been hard on us, but its has been devastating to so many people that we support - already living in desperate conditions, COVID has been another huge trauma for the most vulnerable. Your donation means a future for so many people.
I would be so grateful if you could donate - as a birthday gift to Me and Lucy - or just as a generous pledge - so that SAFE can continue to support the people in the world that need it the most.
Its the best present anyone could give.
You will have to excuse the picture - its the last picture we ever had together - 3am in the morning - leaving for the airport to get her to Zambia. It gets me every time.
Thanks you so much friends - love always.

hannah fitt