Hi I'm Rick and I'm a tutor with Inspire Training and part of the staff team travelling with SAFE to Sierra Leone this year. We have been working very closely with the SAFE Foundation over the past 2 years, helping with various fundraisers from sponsored walks to pop-up kitchens.This year 5 of Inspire's learners have been selected to travel with this incredible charity to Sierra Leone to help children who have been savagely affected by poverty and disasters.Our aim is to help build and repair their school buildings and teach them important life skills from nutrition to gender equality.

Hopefully our impact will be far reaching for these children but also for our team of young adults going out to help, as it will provide them with the life tools needed to build themselves a better future. Please help and support us on this journey so we can help others start there journeys too.

Cheers guys


Rick Stratton-Thomas