So it’s that time of year again when I am going to appeal to my amazing family and friends to consider donating to my birthday appeal for The SAFE Foundation!
This year is a little different for me as well as the rest of the world so even though this is a long post, I would really appreciate it if you could read to the end.

So....a bit about why this is important to me. As most of you will know or imagine our birthday is the most difficult day of the year and a day that I haven’t celebrated for almost 8 years. I usually hide myself away at the beautiful Blue Lagoon festival surrounded by magical people and try and think of everything other than it being another birthday without my twin. However this year is obviously different as there is to be no hiding at a festival but also, after months of agonising about it, I had finally decided to have a 40th birthday party. Just do it. Just celebrate and reclaim the birthday albeit in a different shape.
The decision was forged by the fact it is my 40th....but not because it’s a ‘big’ birthday, not because Im having a crisis about it and nothing to do with my increasing number of grey hairs, but actually something much more difficult for me to face (more difficult than grey hairs!?).
One of the last things Lucy said to me in the car on the way to the airport for her Zambia trip - the last day I ever saw her in front of me -she asked me
‘Do you think we will still be running SAFE when we are 40?’
I had buried this question away somewhere and it wasn’t until I was getting anxious about turning 40 that it came back to me and let me know why I was feeling so rubbish about this particular year. But I also knew that a celebration with every amazing bugger in my life would help me put that to bed.
But alas! No partyagogo (it’s only postponed though.....) but 40 nonetheless and I at least am still running SAFE. Needless to say, your donation is and always will be the best gift Lucy and I could ever have.
And now, a bit about your donation....
I know we are going through one of the hardest things that we will face. Days filled with anxiety, frustration and anger. Some of us have been directly affected with grief and loss; Some of us are terrified for the health of our families and some of us are frighted about uncertain livelihoods or the loss of income. There is no doubt it’s tough and I don’t want to diminish these valid and important things. What I do want to do is tell you that this is life ALL the time for the people that live in our projects. But worse. So much worse. The constant feelings of grief and loss and uncertainty go hand in hand with constant hunger, constant thirst, constant fear and constant discrimination.
For most of us this pandemic means four or five months of a shift in lifestyle (which does include moments of bliss too with tighter communities and a slower pace of life) but for people living in poverty in developing countries every minute of every day is hard. Living with the constant threat (or symptoms) of so so many diseases like malaria, typhoid, cholera, HIV/AIDS, Ebola and now of course, Covid 19.
This should not make you feel guilty. This should make you feel lucky and grateful and also able. Able to help, able to even slightly begin to understand the hardship that our international brothers and sisters face.
True story- When this pandemic first affected us in the UK the absolute first people to get in touch and check in with me and my family were some of the incredible people in Sierra Leone, India and Ghana. Despite all the challenges they face daily they thought about me and what I was going through. so, let’s all keep an eye on our nearest and dearest but please, please don’t forget about the people who will continue to be most affected by this because of the injustices of poverty and discrimination.
I would be overjoyed personally and on behalf of the SAFE family of beneficiaries all over the world if you could spare a couple of quid to continue to support some of the most vulnerable in our worldwide community.
And when this is all are so invited to our 40th party! Another SAFE Party.....can you handle it?

Love, light and gratitude
Han x

hannah fitt