The background

Siem Reap in Cambodia well known for its beautiful scenery, historic culture and thriving tourist industry. Most tourists flock to the main city, Siem Reap to use as a base from which to explore the wider area. However this makes it difficult for local people as tourists drive up local priced of essential things - food and water - often forcing local people into poverty. 

The programme

We work with our partners NFPO to increase access to mainstream education for local children who have been forced into work early because their families need the money rather than the education. We work to regain balance in the local economy. With an educated generation of children, and a volunteering programme that teaches people how to be sensitive and thoughtful when volunteering, we hope to eradicate poverty in the area and increase knowledge and awareness about sustainability. 

Our Impact

We fund land rent and salaries for two schools and teachers in the area, giving access to over a hundred children in the area. 

We add capacity to the school by providing 6 teaching assistants per year to increase literacy and numeracy to 180 of the most vulnerable children

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