Last year, SAFE hooked up with Hoogah in Swansea, launching our fabulous Barista Programme for young people in Wales. Focused on developing employability skills of the wonderful people we work with while teaching about the origins of coffee and the positive impacts of Fairtrade products, the programme has gone down a storm.

Underpinned by a global citizenship outlook, this programme is about much more than learning how to brew and serve hot drinks, educating participants in important global issues and inequalities within the world of coffee production. 

Much in demand by our young volunteers and people generally interested in ethical produce, we wanted to add another strand to the work we do in this area. From here, Conscious Coffee began brewing.  

Conscious Coffee launches at Swansea Learning Festival 

This week, we launched Conscious Coffee; an extension of the Barista programme that permits the young people on the programme to utilise their practical barista and responsible consumerism training.  

Serving coffee to the public, participants put their knowledge into practice, selling their ethically-sourced coffee at The Swansea Learning Festival held at Castle Gardens, Swansea. The theme for the Swansea Learning Festival was 'Unlocking Opportunities’, making it the prefect event to showcase our Conscious Coffee pop-up.  

Hannah Fitt, Co-Founder of the Safe Foundation, said:  

“What was so amazing about this project was that it was planned and managed by the young people entirely, taking their learning around barista skills out to the public. From the branding and logo design right through to the presentation of the drinks, they put their stamp on it all. It is was really inspiring to see them exercise their skills, serving coffee, talking to customers and sharing what they had learnt with the event’s attendees. A huge thanks to Hoogah and Inspire for collaborating on this”.  

The money raised will go towards funding our many projects here at SAFE. Currently, we are fundraising for our Sierra Leonne Re-build project and the Buy a Brick Campaign in India.