"Hello all,

My name is Sian and I run a small social enterprise called Hapus Training.

I have been involved with The SAFE Foundation for many years and may well have met some of you at various events. I've just started working at SAFE HQ and after chatting to Hannah, SAFE's Managing Director several times over the years about doing some work together, we have hatched a plan which will be getting off the ground in the next few weeks.

Mental Wellbeing Skills Training
We will be running informal training sessions in Cardiff, one night a week, looking at how we can take care of our brains and sanity as well as including some global citizenship training.
We are making this training available in the first instance to SAFE peeps.

Hapus Training
Hapus Training provides training on taking care of your well being and mental health. https://hapustraining.co.uk/individuals/

We are also setting up a running club to train and to take part in running events throughout the year to raise money for SAFE, as well as running a social event or two.

If you are experienced in running and would like to offer your skills from time to time, please get in touch!!

Of course, to take part in any of the above, you don’t need to have experienced any issues with your mental health but let’s be honest it will be of most benefit to those that have had difficulties, as the project is about supporting people to take care of themselves as well as helping others. As a person who has experienced difficulties I know how hard it can be, and also what a difference the right knowledge and support can make!

If you are interested, have any questions, or know anyone that might be interested please email to get in touch.

 - [email protected] -

All the best Sian"