This week at SAFE we’ve rolled out our new super-exciting programme. The programme centres on Barista training with a unique global citizenship message. We aim to give participants experience as a Barista, along with further skills that will aid employment. A global citizenship outlook underpins our Barista course, with an aim to educate participants in global issues and inequality.

What did we do?
Four lovely participants came down to Hoogah in Swansea for a session of Barista training, underpinned in values of global citizenship. We started off by outlining an introduction to coffee. We highlighted the positive results of Fair-trade Coffee by looking at a day in the life of a coffee picker. This lead onto a debate concerning ‘responsible consumerism’; focusing on small businesses in contrast to high street chains and single use items, which are not recyclable. We also introduced themes of Veganism; its health and environmental impacts, along with practical barista solutions such as different types of milk.
We then moved onto Barista Training! We kicked off with Health & Safety and then moved onto the fun stuff! Our participants loved learning their flat white from their cappuccino! Participants were also schooled in the lingo around coffee, along with the different temperatures, shots and equipment.
Social Media is a massive part of any business, so we had our participants focus on their social media skills. We covered how and why social media is such a powerful business tool. Our participants tried their hand at taking an instagram worthy snap for business promotion.
Customer Service Training was also a massive part of the session. We covered the basics of great customer service. Who doesn’t love a good first impression and some personalised product knowledge? We also tackled some trickier subjects. We focused on positively dealing with customers that speak English as a second language. We also challenged our own stigmas and judgements when dealing with customers.

Global Citizenship
Our Barista training session really gave our participants grounding in the global issues that go into creating a cup of Coffee. From fair-trade coffee beans to ethical consumerism, our participants left the session understanding inequality experienced in the world. They also left with an appreciation of efforts that we can make to challenge inequality. Moreover, participants were challenged in their own perceptions and judgments of customers, who may be a different ethnicity, have a disability, etc. Our participants, left the session educated and aware of a injustices and inequalities alive in the world today.

Improving employment chances was a central focus of the session. Participants received invaluable Barista training and experience during their time with us. We also gave participants advice and guidance in CV writing. The practical training and CV guidance we gave participants will hopefully give participants extra skills and experiences which will aid them in their job search. Furthermore, our session will have given our participants a new direction and confidence in their abilities in employment.

What are we doing in the future?
Our session this week was a pilot that we hope to grow and continue in the future. We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to partner up to put on future session. If you fancy being a participant in one of the Barista courses, give us a shout! We can’t wait to meet you!