We had a wonderful time running a fresh coffee stand with four bright young volunteers from Inspire Training, an education centre offering a helping hand to young people seeking a fresh start and a new skill set. Our young people from the engagement group gave up their Friday night to learn how to brew some of Wales' finest coffee from Coaltown Coffee Roasters with our partners from Hoogah Cafe. The group learnt everything from what life might be like for farmers who had grown the coffee, how to explore and explain a taste profile of a coffee and the recipe for brewing using a drip filter machine. 

The team had the objective of raising £40, the amount it costs SAFE to sponsor a child with a full education package for one year, the young people explained to the customers that this money would cover everything that a child might need in order to attend school. The barriers to education aren't necessarily school fees as most schools would technically be government funded, however if a child does not have a uniform, books, or the necessary equipment then they are simply not allowed to attend. Towels, soaps and sanitary products are also included in the sponsorship package as social stigmas still surround issues such as menstruation, a study by the London School of Oriental and African Studies showed that access to sanitary products increased school attendance by 17% in rural Uganda. 

The team were thrilled to have raised enough to sponsor a child and left the gallery elated, one volunteer rang home exclaiming that for the first time in their life they felt that they had really made a difference! Experiences like this bring all the elements of SAFE together, our commitment to empowering young people here in Wales, raising awareness of international issues and changing lives around the world through sponsorship and education. By taking the focus away from their own lives and focusing on others these young people motivated themselves to give up their free time and step outside of their comfort zones but in reality had an experience that impacted their own lives.

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