After an incredible year of working with volunteers in the community, recycling and swapping unwanted clothes, books and homeware at our Ethical Boutique store, we were able to celebrate all of our achievements over the past year. Our Ethical Boutique has promoted the important message of ethical and sustainable buying, as well as providing top quality vintage clothing and homeware you can’t find anywhere else for an entire year! 

So, as you can imagine we had a lot to celebrate about, so we celebrated in style (literally)!

The party was held in the evening at the boutique on 31 Whitchurch Road, Cardiff. We opened our doors to friends of Safe, customers and volunteers for an evening of incredible music, courtesy of the great DJ Dicko himself and delicious mojitos (of course). The Mojitos were homemade by our very own Hannah Canning who runs the boutique.



The day was full of lots of Safe hugs, as we were joined by customers and members of the community that have supported the boutique from its humble beginnings exactly one year ago! Thanks to kind donations from our local community, the store has grown massively in popularity, establishing itself as one of the main sources for ethical and sustainable fashion in Cardiff.

Our Safe Mamma and director of the charity Hannah gave a beautiful speech, thanking our volunteers and supporters for all of their hard work over the past year. Hannah gushed with pride due to the success of the store,"I've been thinking about all the highs and lows of the year, and really there hasn't been any lows!"

Here's to another successful and sustainable year on the horizon! 

Photography - Nahum Bolt