We offer three levels of membership:


This is our first level of membership - and for just £25 a year you can get discounts with some of our fantastic partners and to some SAFE events as well as receiving a discount at our Ethical Boutique. You will also receive a newsletter from time to time and extra goodies throughout the year. 

The most important thing is that you will help to continue to support our project all around the world.

Pure SAFE 

This is our second level of membership - and for £50 a year you get all of the benefits of a first level member - but you also get to vote at our Annual General Meeting - and help to guide and steer some of the important decisions that SAFE make. 

And again - the best thing about this membership is the difference you can make to our projects. 

Maximum SAFE

This is our corporate level membership and the annual subscription is negotiable depending on the size of your business. As well as some great benefits we also provide free of charge Global Education training sessions for staff as a commitment to employee development and your corporate social responsibility. Please contact us for more information. 

Click here for our membership application form and become a SAFE member today!