Re-build a school; re-build a life.

The SAFE Foundation have been working with and supporting Kankaylay Primary School since 2011. Sadly, during the Ebola outbreak and two years later the devastating landslide disasters, many of the already vulnerable children at the school were orphaned. Our support to this wonderful community is more important than ever. With the disasters out of the mainstream media - it is so easy to forget these children - but they are still suffering alone.

This July we were able to get back out to our project there to see where we can help. And we can. The good things is - SAFE, with your support - can make such a massive change to over 1000 children and families.

The school is the hub of the community and a place where children can rehabilitate, find confidence and meaning in their lives.  It is not only a sanctuary for education, it is sometimes the only place where they will receive a meal and drinking water for that day in a safe and caring environment. 


40p will provide one hot meal per day per person
£40 will provide an educational package to a child orphaned from ebola, including tuition fees, uniform, equipment and basic healthcare provision.
£800 will provide one teacher with a salary for a whole year.


If you have any school provisions for children of primary and junior school ages, we are happily receiving donations which we will be taking to them later this year.

Things like:
Exercise books, home economics equipment, tables, chairs, arts and crafts supplies, maps alphabets and number charts.

We are also collecting bicycles to give to the teachers at the school who have to walk miles, themselves living in desperate conditions and without pay, to help the children. 

Remember - your donation goes directly to the people who need it the most.
Go the to give what you can and please remember to gift aid your donation.