Rhino Recruitment - Beach Warriors

Emily Down

We're taking on a 5-mile beach obstacle course on the 13th May 2018, the 1st of it's kind in Wales!

Jord and Cai's 500km Fundraiser

jordan young

We have always felt very passionate about small-scale, grass root charities whom often have the biggest impact towards communities in need...

Leanne and Jane’s Forest of Dean Autumn Trail Half marathon

Leanne Walker-Robinson

We are running The Forest of Dean Autumn Trail half marathon! Help us get through it.

Scott and Drew's Truefest adventure!

Scott Marsden

A cool activity for a cool charity from a cool place to a cool festival. Cool.

Empowering the vulnerable to empower the world

Sasha Griffiths

Africa is very close to my heart. My grandfather was born just off the West Coast of Africa and left when he was just 13 years of age as a Stowaway on a cargo ship. He left in search of a better life for himself and after travelling the world as a young man eventually came to settle in Cardiff, marry my grandmother and start a family. He only ever went back to his homeland once and as the Ambassador of the Cardiff-based Cape Verdian Society when he was in his eighties. To be able to visit his mo

help support sierra leone

Tina Hendrickson

I am fundraising to help young people to travel to sierra Leone to deliver session and help re-build a Primary school.

Support Sergio's Story in Sierra Leone

Sergio Cable

I'm looking to get a Winter tan, although seriously when i was told about this adventure i thought what an amazing opportunity to get involved and make positive change in the lives of others and to possibly change mine too.

Fundraising to re-build Sierra Leone

Montana-Marie Morris

I have been fortunate enough to receive the opportunity to help children and a community less fortunate then myself in Sierra Leone, so by raising money will ensure I have the chance to help people in need.

Help me Re-build Sierra Leone

Taylor Dark

I am here to help the less fortunate in Sierra Leone