Re-Build - Sierra Leone resources

Kankaylay Primary School needs your help to re build their school and support children orphaned from ebola and landslides. Your donation goes directly to the people who need it the most.Read more

Our Ethical Boutique

This is not your usual Charity Shop.....Read more

Become a member!

There are lots of benefits to become a SAFE member.Read more

Volunteer overseas

Volunteering internationally is a chance to change lives - including yours!Read more

Our work with organisations in the UK

We help organisations train their staff in Global EducationRead more

Our work with young people in the UK

Helping young people understand the world and where they fit in to it.Read more


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Sierra Leone

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India - MYWA

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India - WCDT

Mugaiyur, Tamil Nadu, South IndiaRead more

Our priorities

In each of our programmes, overseas and in the UK, we make sure that we are making a positive contribution to the following things. These are our priorities.Read more

A tribute to Lucy

Some words about the Founding Director of our little charity.Read more

Team SAFE - Staff

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Case study Leah

Leah's storyRead more

Corporate sponsorship

Here at SAFE, we are keen to spread our message to businesses as well as individual supporters.Read more

Community Fundraising Initiatives

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Ways to fundraise

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Volunteer in the UK

We have several exciting UK volunteer opportunities that you can get involved in.Read more

What comes next

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What to expect

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Why we need volunteers

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