Sierra Leone: SAFE Project Update

It has now been two years since West Africa was declared Ebola-free. However, the disruption caused by the outbreak is still very much apparent; something the SAFE Foundation team found when visiting in the summer.Read more

Safe Launch ‘Give Love’ Christmas Jumper with MW Studio

Here at SAFE Foundation, we are proud to announce that we are working with MW Studio, launching a range of festive jumpers.Read more

27th October: Safe Partner with Ocean Arts for Halloween Fundraiser

SAFE Foundation has this week announced details of a Halloween charity Fundraiser; Dance of the Dead.Read more

SAFE Joins Forces with BidAid, the Revolutionary Charity Fundraising Platform!

Olympian, Jamie Baulch, has today announced details of his new business venture, BidAid.Read more

PRESS RELEASE: SAFE Foundation to support communities in Sierra Leone

Action is urgently needed to help Sierra Leone recover in the aftermath of the Ebola crisis and devastating mudslides.Read more

How is BREXIT changing the 3rd sector?

SAFE examines the effects Brexit could have on the 3rd sector in WalesRead more

Grenfell a year on: The legacy of charity

Following the 1st Anniversary of the Grenfell tower fire, we examine the charitable legacy of the disaster.Read more

Can we shop ethically in Cardiff?

We check out how realistic it is to shop ethically in the Welsh capital!Read more

Coffee, Customer Service and Citizenship

SAFE links together - Coffee, Customer Service and Citizenship!Read more

Travelling Responsibly in India - Top Tips

With 1.5 billion people estimated to be travelling every year by 2020, it’s becoming increasingly important to consider our personal contribution to sustaining the natural and cultural wonders of out planet. Here’s how to do so in the cultural hotspot of India...Read more

Travelling Responsibly in Cambodia - Top Tips

Want to experience the rich culture and beautiful scenery of Cambodia without harming the local communities and environment? Follow our guide...Read more

Jordan and Cai's 500km Bike Ride

At the end of the month, Jordan and Cai are taking on the huge challenge of cycling over 500km to raise money for the construction of a community education centre for the Dalit community in Mugaiyur, India.Read more