Top Welsh Businesses Doing Their Bit for Charity

Here in Wales, we are a nation build on togetherness; and nothing unites us more than fighting for a good cause. From supporting local campaigns to creating awareness of national agenda topics, we really are an opinionated bunch!Read more

8 Tips for Fundraising at Work

Whether a casual charity cake-baker or an adrenaline junky that likes to use their hobbies to do good, you will no doubt struggle to think of new ideas to raise awareness and money for charity. Here at SAFE, we work with many different businesses across the UK and overseas, helping companies conjure up new ways to raise money as a team.our contentRead more

Rhino Recruitment Skydrives 15,000ft for SAFE

This weekend, we were excited (and rather nervous) to see one of our Fundraisers, Andrew Roberts, take on the ultimate challenge of a skydive. Combating his two biggest challenges; lying and heights, Andrew raised hundreds of pounds for our latest project; Lucy's Memorial.Read more

Setting up a JustGiving Fundraising Page: A Toolkit from SAFE

When deciding that you are going to put yourself to the test in the name of charity, the excitement of skydives, bake-offs and the likes can often take a front seat. However, it is essential that you remain focused on the aim; raising money for your chosen cause. Whilst there are a multitude of avenues to attract financial support, one of the most common ways is through a JustGiving fundraising page.  If you are looking to raise money for SAFE or any other charity, below are some tips on how toRead more

The Coffee Cup Problem

Our reliance on coffee, and the disposable cups it comes in, is proving to be extremely damaging to the environment. What can be done to limit the effects of our throwaway culture?Read more

Jordan and Cai's 500km Bike Ride

At the end of the month, Jordan and Cai are taking on the huge challenge of cycling over 500km to raise money for the construction of a community education centre for the Dalit community in Mugaiyur, India.Read more