Keen to fundraise as a family but not too sure where to start? Gather together your nearest and dearest and try some of SAFE's ideas to make some money for a great cause!

    1. Hold an Event – This can be a karaoke night, quiz night, or just a big party with a raffle and fun games. This can be fun to plan with your family and you can get as many people involved as possible. The themes are endless; you could hold a disco, cooking competitions or fancy-dress parties, all to help raise awareness and inspire others to get involved!


    1. Bake Sale – Who doesn’t love cakes? Spend some fun family time in the kitchen cooking up a storm and sell to friends, family, or in school. This is a great way to get everyone involved and see who the culinary genius is!

    1. Sell Second Hand – Have a day blitzing your house of any unwanted items and go to a car boot sale (but be prepared for an early morning!). Otherwise you can sell on sites like eBay or Depop to raise money for a great cause. You'll be shocked to find the treasures hidden in and around your home!


    1. Challenge Yourselves – Take part in a sponsored challenge like a fun run, a sponsored cycle, or do a sky dive or bungee jump (although that’s not for the faint hearted!). For something a little less daring, try giving up something for a month, or all take up a hobby you’ve never done before and get sponsored. Having goals and encouragement as a family will help you power through!


    1. Offer To Run Errands – Stroll round your neighbourhood and ask if anyone needs any household help for a small donation. You could offer to wash cars or tidy gardens, which the whole family could get involved in. Dog walking is also a good way to fundraise. Your neighbours will really appreciate the help too!


    If you want to support the work SAFE do, check out our current campaigns