During this festive season, overconsumption and consumer waste is at an all time high. To combat this, there are a number of changes we can make to ensure we find the perfect gift for our family and friends while being mindful of our impact on the environment. 

Whether you have still not started your Christmas shopping or only have a few left to find, here are three planet-friendly ways to give the perfect gift without ignoring climate change and waste. 

Is Regifting Good or Bad? - Etiquette Around Regifting and Why It's OK

Regifting- ‘Really, you shouldn’t have!’

Regifting, though controversial, is a fantastic way to pass on gifts with a small environmental impact with a potentially much bigger sentimental value for the new recipient. 

The act of taking a gift that has been received and giving it to someone else has a large stigma, but is it as offensive as originally thought? If executed appropriately, there are a number of ways in which re-gifting can be perfectly acceptable. 

  1. Firstly, regift with the recipient in mind. As long as you believe the recipient will find the gift more enjoyable and useful than you did, why is it considered so impersonal to regift? The new recipient may cherish the gift.

   2. Secondly, make sure not to re-gift to someone the original gift-giver knows. This could lead to upset feelings if the gift was explicitly sentimental. 

   3. Make sure it is in great condition! 

Aside from saving money on shopping, it also avoids the alternative of unwanted gifts going unused and ending up in landfill, effectively keeping these resources in circulation and reducing carbon emissions.  

Normalise it! 

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Just because something is pre-loved does not mean it is of any less value. Secondhand shopping is more affordable, supports local communities, and elongates the life of items in circulation rather than continuing to support the cycle of exploitative consumption. 

Thrift shops are full of diverse, rare and unique finds that could make a special and planet-friendly gift. By normalising secondhand gifting, we can collectively avoid traditional consumption and consume more mindfully. 

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Another option is to create your own memorable, homemade gifts that are thoughtful and one-of-a-kind. Producing an item at home from non-toxic materials takes less energy and resources than mass-produced items, and has so much more love put into it! 

While Christmas is a time full of unbounded generosity and abundance, it can unfortunately be a wasteful time. By taking steps to gift more ethically, we can consider the impact of our levels of consumption while still finding the perfect gift for our loved ones that will be just as loved as if they were new.