As the Director of Rhino Recruitment .Com, one of our Corporate Partners, Andrew took the 15,000ft plummet across Salisbury Plains. Experiencing a 30-second, ground-rushing freefall, he well and truly conquered his fears.  

Talking following the skydive, Andrew said:  

'I would like to thank everyone who sponsored me and donated to my ThanksGiving page. I hope the money helps the guys at SAFE with their project. The Rhino team look forward to taking on more and more challenges for SAFE in the coming months!"


Hannah Fitt, Co-Founder of SAFE Foundation, is thrilled to gain the support of Andrew with this Skydive.   

"It always means so much to us when people want to support our work- but when they do it by throwing themselves out of a plane thousands of feet up- then we appreciate it even more! Andrew is such a huge support to SAFE and his contribution and bravery is pretty epic. We all would like to say a massive thank you! His efforts will, as always, make a difference to the people that need it most" she said.   

'Buy a Brick' for Lucy's Memorial  

SAFE Foundation has been working on the 'Buy a Brick' campaign to raise money for the Lucy Memorial Hall;  a community education centre we are building for the displaced dalit community in, Mugaiyur, Southern India.   

Here at SAFE Foundation we have being giving people the chance to 'Buy a Brick' for £10, contributing to the construction of this amazing South Indian facility. If you would like to learn more about ways in which you can donate, enquire today.