Spencer began his journey in our UK programme working with vulnerable young people who are not engaged in positive things. He took part in our training and then applied to go to work in our India project. He didn't manage to get on to that programme - He wasn't ready for the jump - but instead of letting that slow him down - he worked really hard with SAFE, kept learning and growing - and reapplied to go to work in our Uganda project. 

This time Spencer was successful - and worked so hard to ensure that the community in Uganda learned everything he was able to teach. He has been an amazing addition to the SAFE Family and he takes each experience with us as far as he can go. 

Because of this he was chosen to speak alongside Welsh Government politicians at a recent international development meeting, something that he couldn't have imagined before. He has also managed to find the confidence to apply for work and has been successful in finding a job. 

We are so proud of Spencer and everything he has and continues to achieve.