This is Rita. She is one of our wonderful beneficiaries from Tororo, Uganda. SAFE visited in 2015 to build 3 clay ovens for the communities to create group social enterprise bakeries. Rita was an assistant on  one of the bakeries under the main beneficiary baker. Due to her determination to support her family, and being inspired by what she had learnt she went home to make a clay oven herself..a hard task with a team..never mind on your own. SAFE returned in 2016 to deliver baking and social enterprise training to get the bakeries off the ground and created a new oven for Rita so she could run her own bakery enterprise. 
Rita and her team are now supplying the local school with baked goods for the children's lunchtime food, helping Rita support her family and increasing the school children's nutrition. Rita has a passion for life and she is the face of positivity in tough times, we love her!