We wanted to give an extra special shout out to the children at Ysgol Sant Curig, who recently held their own fundraiser.

Our very own Hannah Fitt delivered a presentation with the children about the strength of kindness and also talked about what we do at SAFE. When talking about our Ethical boutique in Cardiff they began talking about opening up a charity shop and so that's what they did. A school charity shop, what a brilliant idea!

This wasn't just an overnight project either. Throughout the half term the pupils spent their time learning about charities and the importance of giving to others. Everyone found items they would like to donate for the charity shop and made sure they were at the school on the big day. The shop was open to the whole school and almost every single item was sold, we would call that a super successful day!

All of the pupils, parents and teachers worked so hard as a team to make this such a successful fundraiser. Altogether they raised £629.37 that will go towards supporting the children that we work with in Sierra Leone.  

To everyone involved, we are so proud of you all, not only for raising such a huge amount of money but for also promoting charity shops and supporting sustainable fashion. 

You guys are awesome! 

If you are interested in starting your own fundraiser, get in touch with us through the website or email us at [email protected]

Big Love!

Team SAFE x