Whether a casual charity cake-baker or an adrenaline junky that likes to use their hobbies to do good, you will no doubt struggle to think of new ideas to raise awareness and money for charity. Here at SAFE, we work with many different businesses across the UK and overseas, helping companies conjure up new ways to raise money as a team.

Below are ten examples that we would highly recommend. 

Charity night   

If you have ever seen The Office, you will be aware of just how fun an office quiz night can be. Giving individuals the change to flex their intellectual muscles, an office quiz can be real fun! 

Sponsored silence       

Every office has its very own chatter box, and while you wouldn't have them any other way, a sponsored silence can put the true tounge-waggers to the test! Try it for a day and every time someone speaks, charge them a pound. You will either get a big pot of money or a peaceful day at the office; #winning!  

Hold a dress down day 

Bringing back memories of those nostalgic non-school uniform days at school, dress-down days can do great things for your business' fundraising target. Allowing people to relax in the comfort of their preferred attire, allowing employees to wear their own clothes can also do wonders for productivity. If you are thinking of allowing your team to 'dress down', charge everyone £1 and watch your charity donations rise.  

Start a running club 

Rather than constantly moaning in the mirror about getting into shape before the summer; why not moan as a group? By forming a running club, you can get to know your team better, get fit and charge money to give to your chosen charity; everyone wins!  


One thing all team members can agree on is that lunch is the highlight of the day. Why not make things a little more interesting and arrange a work cook-off? Separating the Microwave Warriors from the Michelin Star Chefs, things will certainly heat up! 

Spelling bee   

Did you know that spelling bees are not just for American teen films; they are actually a real thing! Here at SAFE, we have seen a few teams partake in spelling contests to raise money for charity. One tip; hide the iPhones!  

Board game tournament 

Here’s one for you hipsters! Over the past few years, the humble board game has made a ferocious comeback. From classics such as Connect 4 to iconic family-argument-starter that is Trivial Pursuit, board games are very much 'in'. If you're looking for ways to raise money and have fun as a team, why not start a board game tournament?  

Swear jar  

While swearwords are sort of buzzwords that help us get through the working day, banning them can be a great way to raise money for charity. Swearing really is one of those things that people underestimate how often they do. By putting simply swear jar in the middle of the office, you will see the pound coins stack up! 

If you have any fundraising tips, be sure to share them with us here at SAFE!