Festival season is almost here, with it coming up you will need to prepare and plan to make sure it goes as smoothly as it can. In this post, I will guide you through the way, from stocking up essentials to what to wear, it is all important!

1. Money belt
Make sure to purchase one of these before, as they are very helpful for bringing cash around and making sure you don't lose anything. If you are afraid of someone potentially trying to steal from you, try putting it under your shirt to keep it hid away till you need it.

2. Bring extra layers
Sometimes you can forget how cold it gets outside especially at night. Make sure to bring extra layers to keep you warm. Don't go crazy with it because you will have to carry it all, but make sure you have excess just in case. Try and get a variety of different clothes for example tank tops , long sleeves, and hoodies.

3. Arrange a meeting point with your friends

On the first day, find a landmark or something  on the festival site and if you or any of your friends get lost or split up just head there. If you’ve never been to a Festival before it can be a little overwhelming and even if you are familar with the layout you can find yourself stranded alone sometimes. Choose somewhere you all know how to get to  and just tell your friends to meet there if you get separated.

4. Pack cleansing wipes
With public restrooms being your only option for showering and going to the bathroom—with hundreds of others sharing them—cleansing wipes are a essential buy. Make sure to bring alot, you can use them to wipe down and fresh up or to get mud off clothing and stuff incase it's raining.

5. Make sure to pack long lasting and healthy food
It might be easy to binge at a festival, but with the high prices of food there and the fact that you will need energy, it may be a good idea to pack something that will keep you going. For example, fruit and veg, energy bars and carbs. This will fill you up for the day outside and also you won't about running out if you bring enough for the whole time.